Work in the field of supply
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Engagements with government interests work has been done in the field of supplying electronic computers to the public sector by entering tenders that were raised and contracted by government bodies and interests, for example, but not limited to:
1- General authority for the Egyptian area.
2-Passport, Immigration and Nationality service.
3-The Republic pharmaceutical company.
4- Al-Azhar University Information Center.
5- Water Research Institute.
6- Egyptian Airport holding company, Cairo Air Port Company.
7- Sheikh Zayed Specialized Hospital.
8 – North Delta Electricity distribution company.
9 – Egyptian Foundation for good.
10-General meteorological Authority.
11-Ain Shams University.
12 – Cairo Air Port Company.
13-Ministry of Water Resources and irrigation.
14 – Public company for silos and storage.
15-Faculty of Human Medicine-Beni Souef University.
16 – The development apparatus of 10th of Ramadan.
17 – Mubarak scientific city.
18- Heart Surgery Institute.
19- General Authority for agrarian reform.
20- The general Diwan of the Academy of Scientific and Technological research.
21-Tourism Development Authority.
22. Port Said international language schools.
23-The General Department of the University of Banha.
24-Petroleum Commercial services company-Petrotrade.
25-Public authority for educational education.