Development of company Systems
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Several systems have been set up for large companies working in the fields of tourism, agriculture, real estate, industrial, electronics and others, a statement from some of the companies that have been set up:

Companies inside the Arab Republic of Egypt

1- Top Of Touch
2- Neece Company’s for Tourism
3- Emaar’s International Company
4 – Al-Furat for agricultural and touristic development.
5-AlRemal International for touristic and urban development.
6-Arab Days land tourist projects company.
7-Al-Marsa Egypt International for touristic villages.
8-Al-Zahra touristic Development Co.
9-Al-Horizon tourism Projects Co.
10 – Hashem Al Mehdar Group for Industry and Tourism development.
11 – TWGates Software company.
12 – Sollar Solution.
13-Lion Gate Marketing Tourism Development company.
14-The Arab Days land holding company.

Systems for companies within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

1 –
2 – Al-Marsa real estate company.
3- International Marina Group.
4- Atbak Al-Nufoud.

Systems for companies inside the Lebanese Republic

1 – TWGates for Lebanese software and databases.